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In his second term on Council, Chris Faraldi is resolute in his commitment to making public safety a paramount concern. With a strong history of supporting law enforcement, first responders, and community safety initiatives, Chris is dedicated to ensuring Lynchburg remains a safe haven for all residents. He will work to bolster our public safety measures, invest in crime prevention, and create a secure environment where everyone can thrive. Chris Faraldi's vision for Lynchburg is one where safety is a fundamental responsibility of government, and he is ready to turn that vision into a reality in his second term.


Under Chris Faraldi's leadership, Lynchburg's public safety will be more than a priority – it will be a core value of our city. He knows that a secure city is the bedrock of a prosperous and flourishing community. In his second term, Chris Faraldi is committed to ensuring that Lynchburg remains a place where residents can live without fear, and where our first responders have the resources they need to keep us safe.


Chris' Priorities:

  1. Unapologeticly Support & Invest In First Responders

  2. A "Tough On Crime" Mentality 

  3. Reject Richmond's Unconstitutional Limitations On God-Given, Indivigual Liberties

  4. Ensure Lynchburg Is The No. 1 Choice For Virginia Public Safety Professionals


Check out the other two priorities in our platform for 2024:

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