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In his second term on Lynchburg City Council, Chris Faraldi is doubling down on his commitment to fostering economic growth. With a proven record of championing local businesses, job creation, and cutting taxes, Chris is ready to take Lynchburg to new heights. He will strive to attract new industries, support small businesses, and create an environment where economic opportunities thrive. Chris Faraldi's vision for Lynchburg is one of prosperity and progress, and he is dedicated to making it a reality in his second term.

Under Chris Faraldi's leadership, Lynchburg's economic growth will be more than a priority – it will be a passion. He knows that a thriving local economy means better jobs, improved infrastructure, and low cost of living for taxpayers. With another four years in city hall, Chris Faraldi is committed to ensuring that Lynchburg remains a beacon of economic opportunity in Central Virginia, a place where businesses flourish, and a community where everyone can prosper.

Chris' Priorities:

  1. Cut Taxes & Fiscal Responsibility

  2. Ensure Smart Investment With Your Tax Dollars

  3. Foster Job Creation & A Pro-Business Environment


Check out the other two priorities in our platform for 2024:

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