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Chris Faraldi is unwavering in his commitment to making educational opportunity a top priority. With a proven record of advocating for quality education and parents’ rights, Chris is dedicated to ensuring that every child in Lynchburg has access to the best possible educational resources. He will work to support students, parents and teachers, invest in innovative programs, and create an environment where educational excellence is the norm. Chris Faraldi's vision for Lynchburg is one where every child has the chance to learn and thrive, and he is ready to turn that vision into a reality in his second term.

Under Chris Faraldi's leadership, Lynchburg's educational opportunities will be more than a priority – they will be a cornerstone of our community. He knows that a well-educated population is the key to a brighter future, and in his second term, Chris Faraldi is dedicated to ensuring that Lynchburg remains a place where educational excellence is the standard.

Chris' Priorities:

  1. Emphasize Parental Rights, Input & Oversight

  2. Ensure Lynchburg Is The No. 1 Choice For Virginia Educators

  3. Prioritze Investment In The Classroom

  4. Demand Improvement In Graduation & Academic Scores

  5. Support "All Of The Above" Educational Programs

Check out the other two priorities in our platform for 2024:

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