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April 17th, 2024



Contact Information:
Faraldi for Lynchburg


—  Faraldi Crushes First Fundraising Report  — 


Lynchburg, VA For the Lynchburg Republican City Council Primaries, a critical deadline has passed -- the first of only two fundraising reports in the Republican primary cycle.

As of this latest report, Chris Faraldi raised the most cash and has led all Republican Primary candidates in Ward IV by a wide margin. Here is the breakdown for Faraldi in Ward IV (the most important statistic is Dollars on Hand or yet to be spent):


Dollars Raised**, $15,925. Dollars on Hand, $20,887.


The Vice Mayor has raked in ~$10,000 since January 1st, while already spending around $4,000. In other words, for every dollar spent thus far, Faraldi has raised two more. As for Faraldi's opponent, who attempted to outraise Faraldi "in the first weekend," nearly half of their funds raised by has been from the candidate donating to himself, and they are reporting less than half the dollars on hand that Faraldi does. 

In reporting $20,887 on hand, the Faraldi Campaign is equipped to bring every resource to bear in defending the record of the Vice Mayor, ensuring Ward IV has a results-driven conservative in City Hall over the next four years. 

"I continue to be overwhelmed by and truly thankful for the support our re-election campaign is receiving," said Vice Mayor Chris Faraldi. "It underscores the buy-in our team has built up these last four years; we are marketing our campaign with the foundation of the conservative solutions and proven leadership I've offered in the first term," he continued. "While encouraging, this report is nothing more than another step towards securing the Republican nomination in June and winning another four years to City Hall come November... ALL so we can continue delivering results for Ward IV and the City at large... that is and always will be our focus. Now, we double down and press on!he concluded.

The next report will cover April 1 through June 6, and will be the only other campaign finance report for the June 18 Republican Primary. 

These reports are available to the public through the Department of Elections and the Virginia Public Access Network


**Dollars Raised include a fundraiser from December of 2023. As of December 31, 2023, Faraldi reported $15,078 on hand at the time.



Chris Faraldi is the Ward IV Representative, Vice Mayor of Lynchburg City Council, and is again seeking the Republican nomination for that seat in the November 2024 election. 

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