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July 5th, 2023


Contact Information:
Faraldi for Lynchburg

(434) 515-2167


— Vice Mayor Faraldi Issues Statement Responding To LRCC Executive Board "Censure" — 


Lynchburg, VA — In response to the "Censure" from the Executive Board of the Lynchburg Republican City Committee, Vice Mayor Faraldi issued the following statement:

It is profoundly disappointing to learn of the recent actions taken by the Lynchburg Republican City Committee Executive Board, as they have exceeded their designated authority and sought to exert undue influence on City Council affairs. As a devout Christian, staunch conservative, and proud member of the Republican Party, my utmost goal is fixed on making Lynchburg the greatest city in our great Commonwealth.

Rest assured that the decisions made by the LRCC Executive Board will not deter me from fulfilling my responsibilities or acting on my convictions as Lynchburg’s Vice Mayor and voice of Ward IV.

I refuse to succumb to and reject the bullying tactics and intimidation from those who would rather play political games than address the grave problems left by decades of liberal leadership in Lynchburg. This censure motion is propelled by a small group of unelected, biased individuals who are wailing in emotion because the council chose to make School Board appointments outside of their own personal preferences, and whose leader is rumored to be exploring a council run in Ward IV — all this will not alter my course.

I have said it to a previous Mayor, to this Executive Committee before, and will now again — I am ultimately, entirely, and completely beholden to the voters of Ward IV, no one else. Party will never be placed over convictions, and cowardly intimidation will never supersede my principles.

It must be emphasized — this so-called act of discipline originated and was approved by a politically-motivated group of no more than seven individuals. I, nor the committee as a whole, were informed of or given the opportunity to debate or vote on this matter. I bear no ill will towards the Lynchburg City Republican Committee – the party of Lincoln and Reagan is the only political home for me. Still, this biased act by the Executive Board betrays the trust and reputation of the party, and will not be easily ignored.

In truth, our beloved city of Lynchburg faces far greater challenges, and the City Council has a multitude of crucial issues to address, far more significant than political theatrics and distractions deviously devised in the shadows. Firmly, I believe that the overwhelming majority of our city's residents, regardless of their political leanings, would concur that I am not the one who is deviating from the proper course among the seven members of the City Council.

I am devoted to the tasks at hand, and concentrated on the matters that truly impact our city. I will continue my focus on governing the city of Lynchburg with the conservative ideals I hold dear, principles endorsed by 61% of the voters in May of 2020.

The support and encouragement I have received from party members, as well as numerous other residents and neighbors of Lynchburg, have been very encouraging. Their unwavering support means the world to me.

The focus of the five Republicans on City Council should be on the promises we all campaigned on, and the party should focus on electing Republicans. Together, as one city, we can roll up our sleeves and engage in the important work that lies before us.

In closing, I invite the Executive Committee of the Lynchburg Republican City Committee to respond privately to this matter, should further productive and fair discussion come before us.


Chris Faraldi, a conservative Republican, is the Ward IV Representative and Vice Mayor of Lynchburg City Council. 

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