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434 Newsletter: 2024 - School Board Appointments

Updated: Jun 27

At our City Council meeting Tuesday (6/25/24), Council made our annual appointments to the Lynchburg City School Board.

All three appointments had unanimous support from Republican members of Council. Here are our appointments and some of my thoughts regarding them.

District 1: Daryl Conner

Chris' Thoughts: This appointment passed 7-0. Daryl has experience in the Lynchburg City School system from the Transportation Department and is active in the city. This front-line knowledge with children and the operational arm of the division will be an asset, not just for staff but mainly for parents and students. I believe his appointment will bring a very real & needed voice to the School Board.

District 2: Mark Tinsley Chris' Thoughts: This appointment passed 6-1, with Sterling Wilder voting against. Mark demonstrated a level and calm mindset in his interview. His background in the military (Ret. Colonel, Airforce) and educator will be deeply useful. He showed me a willingness to listen. If there was one common theme throughout the appointments this year it was a lack of trust or communication from the division to parents and staff. Mark showed his desire to collaberate and work together; again, another attribute we need at this moment in time. District 3: Dr. Atul Gupta

Chris' Thoughts: This re-appointment passed 5-2, with Mary Jane Dolan and Sterling Wilder voting against. Speaking frankly, I disagree vehimently with the path to close Sandusky Elementary School. It is not in the best interests of Ward IV and the lack of a plan for said closure is of further concern. This, and a number of other items (declining enrollment, tacticts of the School Administration are examples) produced my question to Dr. Gupta, "with all of these challenges, why should we re-appoint you?" In other words, why re-appoint someone when these current issues and challenges -- some self-inflicted -- are before us? His answer was honest and valid, it highlighted the average experience of the School Board being very low and how it created a clear need for seasoned leadership. Dr. Gupta and I have had many conversations, some where we disagree with eachother and in strong form; yet his response here is true, and I know we can work together. The average experience of the current and now new Board is very "young" with an average tenure of the new board at 1.5 years. The Board would need his guidence in the years to come. Knowing this, and our productive relationship overall, Dr. Gupta earned my support for another three years on the School Board.

For more information on our agenda items and my votes,

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As Council makes these appointments, I hope this helps you understand my persepctive and reasons for my votes. We have a lot of work to do, and top of my list is to find a better solution for Sandusky Elementary. I believe that starts with these new appointments. More to come, hopefully sooner rather than later. Thank you for the opportunity to serve as your Ward IV Representative & Vice Mayor of Lynchburg City Council. If I may ever be of service to you, please do not hesitate to contact me.



Chris Faraldi, M.A.

Ward IV Representative, Vice Mayor

Lynchburg City Council


PO Box 4803, Lynchburg, VA 24502



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