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Instructions for the 2023 School Board Petition Drive


1. Click the PDF file below and print off petition form(s). Ensure the petition form(s) are printed with both sides on one sheet of paper, double-sided


2. When gathering signatures, only those who are legally qualified, registered Lynchburg City voters, and only those who have not yet signed, may sign your form. Ensure there is a signature, printed name, residence (address), locality, and date. While the last four digits of the Social Security Number is requested, it is not required. 


3. DO NOT sign either Affidavit on the form until you turn in your form. 


4. Once you have gathered your signatures, schedule a meeting with Faraldi for Lynchburg with the contact information below for notarization and completion of the Affidavit. 

For questions, please contact Faraldi for Lynchburg at (434) 515-2167, or

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