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peter pUPPET

Supported By Sex Offenders, School Closure Fantatics, & Political Hacks
Peter Alexander - Bad for Lynchburg


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QUESTION: How can you trust Peter Alexander's judgement in City Hall if his own supporters can't step near our schools?

Meet Shawn Hunter (pictured right), big-time supporter for Peter Alexander (pictured left).

Shawn Hunter is a CONVICTED level-three Sex Offender, child sodomite, and abuser. He was also accused of sending unsolicited nude photos to a Roanoke woman.

Just look at what the Virginia State Police have on their website:


School Closure Fanatics

Peter Puppet is controlled by the same politicians who voted to CLOSE our schools. But those same politicians sure had the guts to take a photo-op with parents and just two weeks before voting to shut their schools down!

These "leaders" did NOT have your best interests in mind when they voted against our schools. It was only to get their hand-picked candidate through a Republican Primary. 


QUESTION: Will Peter Alexander stand up for parents or only do as instructed by his masters?

political hacks

The opponent is nothing more than a PUPPET. This entire Primary is because ... they have proven to say or do anything to gain power. Just look for yourself:

Who recruted this guy to run against Chris.jpg

Paid for & Authorized by Faraldi for Lynchburg

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