meet chris

Who Am I?

It's important you know your representative. For me, it's pretty straightforward. I am:

  • A believer in Christ

  • A conservative

  • A young professional

  • A devoted outdoorsman

  • A really over-the-top dog-dad

Also, that's my fiancé, Rachel. Way out of my league, I know.

What Do I Believe In?

I believe in Lynchburg's values, ideals our city subscribes to and maintains in daily life:

  • Conservative Principles 

  • Educational Opportunity

  • Safer Communities

  • Limited & Effective Government

  • Accountability

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My name is Chris Faraldi and I have called Lynchburg home since 2013.

I came to the Hill City via Liberty University, where I earned a B.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies (with a focus on Government and Pastoral Leadership) and an M.A. in Executive Leadership. Currently, I live in the Wyndhurst area. 

Faith is most important to me.  As a son of a pastor, Christ is an integral piece of my life. I am very thankful for a family that helped me understand His gospel, and continues to further that relationship with my Saviour. 

Professionally, I have extensive experience in public policy & relations, marketing, and website/social media development. I have the honor of serving as a Legislative Director in the Virginia House of Delegates for Delegate Chris Runion. I also operate two small businesses — a small digital marketing firm focusing on website development, content creation, and social media management; and a general notary public operation.

In my downtime, I am an avid fisherman and I love spending time outdoors with my dog, Duke. I enjoy baseball and football, and cheer on the Liberty Flames whenever I get the chance. 

If you'd like more info about me, please feel free to click here.

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